WA 2020 #7: Wrapping Up Before The End.

I found myself not to afford to write more, which was the original goal. This time I'm too busy, my mental traffic is so congested that I cannot have another task without harming things I'm responsible for.

Still, there are still some findings:

  • I enjoyed writing these. It was fun to write some silly stuff. I love to waste time by these writing attempts. These aren't just affordable now.
  • My writing tends to go too sentimental, and it degrades the clarity. I have to find a way to be more dry, concise and critical. Being emotional is easy, but not helping your thinking.
  • I still have a lot of errors around articles and tenses. It's a shame. I think a continuous practice like this will help improving. It's disappointing that I cannot do it.

Again, it was fun. And I'm pleased that I can still enjoy writing these random stuff. I'll be back some other day.