WA 2020 #5: Running Fast Enough

I just finished the audio version of Susan Fowler's Whistleblower. There are a lot of stunning facts covered. One of such saddening points is that the harassing managers came from Google. So in theory, in a parallel universe, it might be Google. Instead of Uber.

Susan Fowler had the dawning thought that she was prepared to fight against Uber. Although it is true that she is prepared, there is no reason that it has to be Uber. I take it more as a probabilistic outcome. Uber is probably the most likely one, as its bad reputation suggests. However, I cannot think other companies, including my employer are perfectly innocent. There is so much evidences being publicly reported. Here is the latest one. The story has so many parallels to the ones from Uber's,  albeit it's a bit more nuanced.

To be clear, I haven't seen such a misconduct around me. All I have is a vaguely memory of a few rumors in this realms from years ago. I'm not sure whether I in the past years took it seriously. I just don't remember how I reacted. If I hear such kind of things today, however, I'll probably believe it. That's the effect of the movement Susan Fowler catalyzed: I no longer hold the level of the belief to my employer. While I still think it's a good place to work overall, I now consider it as a matter of some probability. The odds are on my side, but it can fail.

And the story tells me that it fails miserably if it does. I don't think I'm able to fight against it. The best I can do is probably just running away. To be honest, I'm not that confident that I even have that ability, to run fast enough.

Even before reading this book, I know I can never be like Susan Fowler and that's totally OK to me. After finishing the book, however, I now don't want to be one of the researchers in Physics department in UPenn, who stayed away from Susan once she became "the "problem". Still, I know I'm probably one of them if it happens. I don't know what I should do, how I can prepare. One thing clear is that it's not about running fast enough.