The Worst Winter

This winter turned out to be the worst in my career, in terms of the health situation.

It started at the Thanksgiving. My ten month old daughter got a stomach flu and had severe vomit and diarrhea. It quickly went away from her but we the parents got infected, and we're knocked down for several days.

The Christmas was approaching while we were yet to be fully recovered. That meant that there were some social gatherings we had to attend. I knew we should've stayed home and rested, but sometimes there wasn't such an option.

As the result, I then got a fever and it was passed down to Yuko (my spouse) and my daughter. And worse, I injured my back and got a herniated disc while I was holding my daughter.

The new year had arrived. We were partially recovered at this point and went to work. My daughter went a spot daycare, since our regular daycare was still off.

Unfortunately, she got a bronchitis at the daycare. We misinterpreted it as a plain cold and didn't give her the appropriate treatment, so her symptoms got worse and took longer to recover.

And the middle of the month, the bronchitis had infected me and Yuko. Since I genetically more prone to bronchitis, my symptoms got worse and finally costochondritis followed. What worse was that I didn't notice it was bronchitis and treated that incorrectly, which resulted longer and more severe symptoms.

I still have lingering coughs from the bronchitis and it has sharp pain because of the costochondritis. I expect a month to recover fully.

Looking back, I was sick for a couple of months now and it'll be a quarter on the full recovery. This feels miserable.

What's scary is that there are still possibilities for us to get flu! I just hope it isn't the case. My body and immune systems have been weakened by this prolong illness, and I'm not confident whether I can survive the next round.

It has been the worst, miserable winter. I can't wait the spring to come.