Black Friday: Things I Didn't Buy

Here is the list:

  • Any Macbook Pros - Too expensive, lack of NVIDIA GPU, Fear of the Touchbar.
  • Lightroom CC - No supported platform available at home. No time to play either.
  • Windows 10 - Too far away from my terminal-centric world.
  • A DSLR or Lenses - Without Lightroom CC it'd be pointless.
  • Nintendo Switch - No time to play.
  • Kindle Oasis - Not in the Kindle ecosystem.
  • A Baby Mattress - Planning to switch the crib in a few months.
  • An Oven Toaster - Not useful-looking enough to justify the space it'll occupy.

Does this mean I'm a smart buyer with great willpower? No way. I just buy what I want without waiting these huge sale seasons. (And buying stuff just because it's cheap feels silly to me, but I don't argue.)

Regardless, pondering  about spending money is stressing and fun at the same time. That's what shopping is all about.