Considering Windows 10

My life with Linux laptop has passed more than two years now but I still miss some apps like Evernote or DayOne on Mac. Buyng a MBP comes to my mind time to time, but the mixed reviews of the latest Macbook like this keeps me away. I've never heard reasonable applause for Touchbar either, which replaced much needed (for Intelli-J users including myself) function keys. And yes, it is expensive.

Another idea popped up here - Why not Windows? The Linux laptop I have (XPS13) is capable to run Windows. Windows has more apps than Linux (it's even silly to mention.) The barriers here are the unfriendliness against Unix-style computing and the stigma it carries.

However... Does it really matter? Can you just grab a cloud node if you need some Linux? Or why not just own a small always-on instance?

It matters when you run some ML stuff like TensorFlow: It needs a lot of memory and CPU cycle and it's nice to have fast local CPUs and a few GB of memory because buying comparable VM is still expensive. On the other hand, it's not clear if I do such kind of work in coming months.

Stepping back, I see there is a fear. Fear that if I walk away from Linux, I might no longer code because of the friction. In other words, By choosing Linux laptop I pay the friction for anything other than programming. The question would be that if it's a fair price. I'm not sure.

Probably I should give it a try,  for overcoming that fear.