Uncool Monsters - WA, #0

Today as a halloween night, we had a couple of small guests, but they weren't like we expected.

"Hi" one guest said.  Another one stayed silent. Both had bags, apparently for treats. "Are you two?" I asked. They nodded. I gave them some snacks that we prepared. "Happy Halloween!" I said. "Thanks",  one mumbled. Then they left quietly.  There was no smiles, no "trick or treat", just a presumption of how we were supposed to behave.

Even though such an encounter wasn't expected, I see how these kid felt - For socially awkward types, or for ones being cool, participating traditional events like Halloween must be uncool and undesirable. It'd be much better to stay home and play video games, they must have thought.

There is a mixed feeling. As a nerd, I totally share their (hypothetical) sentiment and feel sorry for them. As a parent at the same time, I feel sorry for them in a different way. It's unfortunate not to have the ability to enjoy this type of banal rites. Anything can be fun if you will, and the life would be much more enjoyable if you take that position, instead of attempting to stay cool.

Now I look at my distant past self. You could've enjoyed your life if you have taken another position, but I know you would've never heard such an advice, never. But you'll eventually find that being cool is sometimes uncool.

WA or "With Accent" is my irregular attempt to write stuff in English. This time I'll try running this for a month, during this November.